Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'll wait for you #65

After the cutest hug ever, we decided to go inside.
Dave: Are you all ready to go to bed? I aaaaammm.
Austin: I'm not sleepy... Go sleep old Dave!
Dave: You're calling me old?
Austin agreed with his head and jumped on Dave's back. He started to punch him while Dave screamed, and me and Alice were just trying to save ourselves and laughing. Dave felt on the floor and Austin put his feet on Dave's rib and started to sing his new song: "Dave is girl, you can beat him up. He's not a bodyguard, but he needs one from me! Lalala!". I couldn't stop laughing, and after Dave stood up I yelled:
Austin: You're just jealous!
Austin came to me and hugged me really strong. With his arms, he lifted me in the air and positioned my ribs on his shoulders, like he had already done so many times. I was laughing that I couldn't even say something. He ran around the house with me like that, and when he got the hall, he gently putted me on the floor and got on top of me.
Austin: How does it feels?
You: Right now? Amazing.
He started to do push ups on the top of me, and every time he went down he kissed me. I tried to say something, but every time I started he kept kissing me. It lasted about 5 minutes, and when he finally stopped Dave and Alice were in the sofas watching Family Guy. Me and Austin joined, but about half an hour later, we all felt asleep. I slept in Austin's lap with my legs on Dave's lap, and he was with his head on Dave, and Alice was in the other couch layed down alone. We woke up, and since we didn't have school, I started to cook the breakfast. I made pancakes, syrup and waffles. I was going to do french toasts, but when I was preparing it, I felt someone's hand on my hips.
Austin: What are you doing gorgeous?
You: Cooking Mr. Handsome.
Austin: Let me help you. Go do something else.
I walked away and when I turned around Austin screamed "Hot ass guuurl". I winked at him and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I could hear that they were all awake already so I went to the table and we talked and laughed while breakfast.
Austin: Btw, when is the talent show? You need to practice baby.
You: I FORGOT THAT! Omg, it's tomorrow! What should I sing?
Austin: Your voice would be awesome singing "Someone like You" by Adelle!
You: Are you sure? It's a hard song...
Austin: But you know the lyrics. I heard you singing in the car.
Dave: Me too. You have a great voice for that song!
You: Okay, where can I practice?
Austin: At my recording studio!
You: Your bedroom? But now you're signed...
Austin: Doesn't mean it's not my studio anymore.
I went there and started to sing. Austin had the melody on his computer, and he helped me with some details.  I felt ready to sing in front of everyone. We went to bed at night, and on the other day it was time to go to School, and at night we were going to the Talent Show.

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